Shame on the American people!

This morning I saw on Fox news that a group of young people in Minnesota had the courage to bring this banner to a basketball game… and they were chided by both the coaches and the news people for being racist? I say congratulations, I say good for you, I say it is America still… and although you can’t go waving swastikas, or burn any crosses in front yards you can support our president! Good, great, Fantastic job kids… you all are true Americans!

Shame on the American people for supporting and perpetuating the full on slot attack on our President!  I have written several blogs with this theme squarely in the middle of a problem the left has had for years and is without question getting significantly worse. This morning’s news program brings up another sad page of the whiney crybaby worst side of us all.

Don’t get me wrong… if you are a spoil child… I completely understand that when you don’t get it your way… and I mean absolutely your way… all of the time…and I do mean… and make no mistake about this point… all of the time… a spoiled child would go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on… do I need to emphasize this point any further. And when they (I mean the spoiled child) doesn’t get there way they continue to whine and cry and try to get their way by asking it again a different way… and if not then a different way. You get the picture… only when it comes to the left – they start hitting back! Now of course they can’t actually hit… but they can make every claim under sun that makes the other side look like the big bad wolf was a great guy? When the first sling of mud doesn’t stick… throw another and when that doesn’t stick throw another… all under the guise that they really just want to meet in the middle. Let me get one thing straight right here… there ain’t no meeting in the middle with the left… just like you cannot work with a snotty little two year old that absolutely must have their way… no… What you do is put them to bed and let them take a nap and wait and pray that they come out the other side  with a more reasonable attitude. But that’s not the way the left works anymore. They want and will continue (with the aid of the left swinging press I might add) to throw claims of misdeeds at the other side as fast and furious as absolutely possible in an attempt to paralyze them until (they) the left have another chance to take that power away 2 years from now.

Oddly, when OB was in office, when he knew that the other side wouldn’t support his position… he just took executive actions to just have it done… where was the press when our president was acting more like a dictator than a president… where were they… squarely behind him… he could do no wrong… really? Add to that Hillary was caught  red handed… no discussion on this point… red handed deleting, erasing, removing hard drives and after that she got out a hammer and then burned them… really…? She gets away with that really? Anyone of the rest of us would be thrown in jail… and there is no denying that point… even by the left. Trump does that… oh my god get out the lynching rope… Hillary and OB with help from Farrakhan will all be seen hauling on the other end of the preverbal rope! Let’s back up to Bill… come on Bill… you lied under oath… no question about it… Bill even a 13 year old child could tell you what the meaning of “is” is. And yet the left swinging press continued to give him a pass. Put aside lying under oath… fraternizing with an underling in the military (which if he was the “commander in chief”) he was to her – her boss…. any, any, any other person would have been put in jail… and yet the left swinging press turned a blind eye.

This morning there was a reported 200 calls for impeachment of President Trump… how does that happen when hard drives are being smashed to absolutely illuminate the incriminating evidence and no one pays for that. Why does a young woman have to “save” the dress with the incriminating seaman on it in order to have evidence against a man who would lie thru his teeth to the American people. How is it that (every) conservative candidate has had issues with women that range from harassment to much worse and (not one) left handed liberal other than Franken (and there fortunately we had a  incriminating picture) otherwise he would have gotten away with it and likely be a candidate in 2020.

All of these attempts are essentially political hit jobs… not by the “mob”, not by a gang but by an all too often “assumed innocent” press and the left swinging accomplices supplying false accusation after false accusation as bullets without so much as checking for validity. And what does the press and the left do… they are ecstatic… they are leaping for joy… hoping against hope that this will be the “bullet” that takes our President down. For crying out loud I wasn’t calling for OB’s take down… I just wanted him to not act like a playboy dictator… who went on more vacations days that one’s spent on the job.

For anybody that has read my essays knows that I have thrown daggers at Bill and OB. I have only made the claim that you can’t have presidential directive without legislative support… OB did. You can’t illegally change what is on a hard drive that has been subpoenaed… let alone smash it up, you can’t have sex with a subordinate without going to jail, you can’t lie to congress without going to jail and yet. These are tangible and provable claims where as we now are wading through a blizzard of unsubstantiated accusations that have been falling by the way as they have been proved to be exactly what they are… claims that were never inspected by the press at any level it seems… they were given the line and told to run with it… with no thought of figuring out whether the claim was true or not.

Shame on the American people for being so shallow as to freely swallow this swill that has no more real substance than the latest chapter of the Kardashian’s latest reality TV show? Shame on the American people who are such naysayer to a president that didn’t come from the swap, that isn’t backing down to the mudslinging thugs, that has a vision of heading in another direction, who is and has been a business owner and not just a neighborhood organizer or the wife of a habitual liar. Jesus! take a break for 4 years… for crying out loud… let another voice be heard… it (is) still America! The man won the election! Quit being cry babies already!

A final note: It’s no wonder TV stations out there are running for their lives… reality TV, stupid game shows and NFL football are the only things keeping them afloat! The efforts that they have made over the last 20 years are a specific a calculated effort to dumb down our people… and it would be my opinion… that everybody should watch the news for tomorrows’ weather and tune in on Sunday afternoons… and then shut them off if we know what’s good for (U.S.)

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